Can I get Precise Aligners treatment on only the top or bottom row of teeth?

Yes! Everyone’s situation is different, meaning only one row of teeth may need Precise Aligners treatment rather than both. 

The decision to go with one row rather than both should be discussed with your orthodontist Dr Chad Hazouri and team of experts will discuss and create a treatment best suited for your personal needs, however, as aligning both rows of teeth could have longer-term benefits, even if you think one of the rows looks fine already.

Precise Aligners treatment is versatile, so in many cases patients will find out they are perfect candidates for the clear aligners! There are only a few reasons why Precise Aligners treatment may not be possible or may need to be postponed. These include:

  • Overly severe misalignment
  • Presence of gum disease or cavities
  • The need for large oral procedures or surgery
  • The presence of implants or bridges
  • TMJ issues

The best way to determine your eligibility for Precise Aligners is by scheduling a consultation with DR Chad Hazouri at Dental and Facial Clinic on 02 98097479! They will be able to provide an examination and inform you of any issues that may prevent Precise Aligners treatment.

Precise Aligners